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A timeshare Marketing Director (MBA earned in North Carolina, AACSB accreditation) with 25 years of work experience in international marketing and digital marketing. choose your package, reach your goals!


€ 189

2h00 / month Package

  • ideal for very small businesses
  • Tagging and segmentation
  • Linkedin retargeting
  • SEO improvement
  • 360 ° Marketing

Non-exhaustive examples


€ 350

4h00 / month package

  • Data Analysis and KPI
  • Marketing action plans
  • Retargeting & Programmatics
  • Digital integration
  • 360 ° Marketing

Non-exhaustive examples


€ 510

6h00 / month package

  • Strategic on-site marketing
  • Competitive analysis
  • International Market Audit
  • Complex digital integration
  • PR, Influencers

Non-exhaustive examples


€ 790

10h00 / month package

  • Operational Marketing
  • Strategic marketing
  • CRM and Lead Automation
  • Team management
  • 360 ° Marketing

Non-exhaustive examples

Prices given in without tax. No tax applies for USA or Canada. Terms and conditions in agency. Minimum 3-month commitment. Possibility of making the formulas progressive or regressive over time. (eg: 20 hours the first month, 10 hours the second, 4 hours the following months …)

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Example of marketing missionspossible in timeshare(on site or remotely)

A perfect global offeradapted to startup companies


  • Local competitive analysis and technological audit
  • Adapted marketing plan (strategy and action plan)
  • Brand Equity, Brand Awarness, Predatory Marketing
  • High Added Value thanks to Perception
  • Detection of local providers and partners
  • Connecting with opinion leaders, etc.
  • marketing localization (France, USA and Canada)


  • Setting up Linkedin / Facebook retargeting campaigns
  • Optimized ROI ad display campaigns
  • SEO and Latent Semantic Indexing / Backlinking with high notoriety
  • Lead & CRM automation (Salesforce, Dynamics ...)
  • Training in wordpress CMS and digital marketing tools
  • Data analysis and global recommendations
  • ecommerce, affiliation and marketplace
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  • Participation in internal and strategic meetings
  • Implementation of "Land & Expand" strategies
  • Putting in touch with the best officials
  • Occasional or regular participation in the marketing strategy
  • Global project management in marketing (FR and USA)
  • Consulting in Public Relations and event organization.
  • Corporate vision and perception


  • Creation or redesign of your website
  • Competitive, structural and semantic audit
  • Visual and logical optimization of content
  • Optimization of conversion flows
  • SEO with LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing (FR / US / CA / UK)
  • Integration of chatbots or live sales support
  • Land & Expand Conversion strategy


Why consider our outsourced marketing consulting services?

A Marketing Director, Marketing Manager or Marketing Assistant can, together or independently, represent a significant payroll for a small and medium structure.

We intervene either in support of the Marketing Director to help him implement marketing strategies or we act as a timeshare marketing ressource if you don't have the budget for hiring a marketing team on a full-time basis.

In the event that the company does not yet have a marketing department, we intervene as a force for marketing proposals to stimulate a dynamic of development and acquisition of leads.


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"A small budget should not mean inaction"

We have worked for nearly 200 clients in 70 different industries in France, in the USA, Canada and Asia

At Frametonic Digital, our experiences from an advertiser standpoint and from an agency standpoint have taught us that a small budget should not translate into a dead end or marketing inaction. You deserve to professionalize the image of your company to better communicate, better transform, develop your activities. This is the reason why we have imagined Digital Marketing consulting packages adapted to all companies.

Our Consulting packages allow VSEs and start-ups to streamline their digital marketing data flow while optimizing their use. And since we are involved in all marketing tools, we can provide you with a detailed action plan and a Retro-ROI for your business projections thanks to our simulation tools.

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